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Fractional CTO

Fractional CTO

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Growing the technical side of your startup is often a challenge for both technical and non-technical startup founders. The technical founders are too busy writing code and putting out fires to give the proper amount of focus to recruiting the first engineering hires, establishing a efficient development process, and creating a enviable company culture.

Non-technical founders, on the other hand, have a major blind-spot when it comes to hiring developers with the right balance of technical experience and pragmatism needed to build and ship the early iterations of your product. Too often non-technical founders outsource to a budget agency or an offshore development firm, only to lose valuable time and money and end up with a codebase that requires a rewrite.

Let a CTO be your Guide

With an experienced fractional CTO at your side, you will avoid the common mistakes startup founders make when hiring developers and building software. An experienced CTO can easily be the difference between startup success and spending precious time remediating poor decisions.

  1. Recruit and hire your first developers.
  2. Onboard developers quickly and create an enviable company culture.
  3. Create an efficent process that scales.
  4. Establish predictability in development quality and delivery.
  5. Instill discipline in your product management decisions; create the right features at the right time.
  6. Build high-quality software that scales to customer demand.

How we work

We typically work with our clients and focus on one or more problem areas of their startup, and generate a set of procedures and recommendations to achieve their goals. In many situations we work remotely, coming onsite as needed, but we can also work full-time onsite depending on the situation and needs. What we bring to the table:

  1. Extensive network of product and engineering experts that have worked at early and growth stage startups.
  2. Highly experienced and able to quickly identify product and engineering issues and recommend solutions.
  3. Experts in the full software development lifecycle and product development processes

Get in touch

We look forward to discussing your needs and creating a plan to help your startup create an effective engineering and product function. Contact us to get more information